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Why am I here?

What a weighty, existential question. However, I’m not getting into all the complexities and facets of the extent of that question (yet). For now I just wanted to explore the ‘why’ behind creating this space, mainly for me, but also for whatever wandering eyes happen to stumble across it. At its core, this is a place of expression. I have found myself in a season of my life where I need to speak and not receive a response. There is value in human interaction and conversation, but there is also value in speaking into the void- that is the beauty of the internet. I can’t quite explain why I feel the need to publicize my thoughts, but I think it has something to do with accountability in terms of quality. Writing is a way to process experiences, as well as the thoughts and feelings associated with them. I typically do this reflective process in a private journal, but there is a certain standard that I don’t hold myself to when I know I am the only one going to read it. Now, there is a very high chance I will still be the only one to ever read these entries and ramblings, but the slim possibility of an audience somehow puts me in a different headspace that I want to spend more time writing in. As I grow in my writing life, I need to practice writing for others and not just for myself. So this place is for you, anonymous and random reader, but it is also for me. Thanks for embarking on this journey with me, please be gracious in my growth.


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